5 Luxury Spa Services For Your Pampered Pooch

Does your dog deserve the very best life has to offer? Do you want to have the best looking pet in the neighborhood? Make an appointment for your pooch to have one of these high end spa treatments especially for the canine crowd. 

Paw Massage

Simple nail clipping is for the general public. Your classy pup needs a full on "pawdicure." Your dog's paws will be soaked in paraffin and then carefully massaged to relieve the stress involved in daily walking. You can even end the treatment with a coat of nail polish. 

Heat Wrap

After your dog's bath, order a heat wrap treatment that will soothe the skin and revitalize the coat. When bath time is over, your dog will be wrapped in heated towels for approximately ten minutes, allowing your furry friend to fully relax. 


Dogs are just as into scents and smells as people are, although sometimes a dog's choice of fragrance found in your backyard can be questionable. 

At the spa, your dog will get to sample a variety of aromas from essential oils. Oils can be massaged into the skin to treat irritation or float through the room from a scented candle or diffuser. Either way, your dog will get the benefit of breathing in scents that are calming and pleasurable. 

Deep Coat Conditioning

A dog's skin can get dry and itchy, and hair can become rough and broken. If your dog is experiencing hair and skin issues, you should consider a deep coat conditioning treatment. After a shampoo, your dog will have a strong conditioner massaged into the coat and skin. It will work for a few minutes before being washed away with warm water. The result is a silky, shiny coat and moisturized skin. 

A Dip in the Pool

Your dog can get exercise and have fun while swimming in a heated spa pool. This is good for a dog's hips and knees and is a perfect treatment for any dog with arthritis. Special water jets can invigorate your dog's skin and encourage high energy play. Your dog will emerge feeling ready to face the world. 

These spa services are perfect for pets with owners who want to go the extra mile. So go ahead and spoil your dog the way you wish someone would spoil you. Spa treatments are healthy and fun. Don't forget to ask for a photo of your dog wrapped in a bathrobe. 

For more information about these and other grooming services, talk to a groomer at East Valley Animal Clinic.

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