Three Signs It Is Time To Have Your Dog's Nails Trimmed

When you have an indoor dog, it is important to get their nails clipped regularly. Outdoor dogs walk around on concrete, rock, and other elements outdoors that file their nails down as they walk. If your dog is an indoor dog, he or she more than likely does not spend enough time outdoors for their nails to be worn down through outside play. If you do not get their nails clipped regularly, it can cause your dog a lot of pain in the long run. The guide below walks you through a few signs that it may be time to take your dog to get their nails clipped.

Dog Not Putting Pressure on a Paw

Pay attention to the way that your dog walks. If you notice that he or she is not putting pressure on one of their paws, it may be time to get their nails clipped. As the nails grow, there are times when the nails can grow toward the paw pads on the dog's foot and cause them pain every time they step because the nail digs into their paw pad. Having their nails clipped regularly will keep the nails from curling like that.

Nails Bend Toward One Side of their Paw

When your dog has their foot flat on the floor, their nails should face forward. If you see that their nails are bending to one side of their foot, it means that their nails are too long and may be bending when they walk, which can be painful because it puts stress on the nail beds. It is best to have your dog's nails trimmed consistently to ensure that they do not bend or break accidentally when your dog is walking.

Clicking Noises Can Be Heard When Your Dog Walks

Pay attention to what it sounds like when your dog walks. If you hear clicking noises from their nails hitting the floor as your dog walks, their nails are way too long. You should not be able to hear your dog's nails when they walk if they are the proper length.

It is best to take your dog to a professional to get their nails clipped if you have never done it before. There is a quick in every dog's nail. The quick is a vein that if clipped, will bleed and cause your dog a lot of pain. In dogs with dark colored nails, it can be very hard to see the quick. A professional will know how to safely clip your dog's nails so that he or she can be as comfortable as possible at all times.

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