Four Things You Should Know When Taking Your Dog To Boarding For The First Time

Boarding your dog for the first time can make both of you nervous. However, a night or two away from home can actually be good for your dog. Boarding can help ensure your dog does not develop separation anxiety and assist him in developing social skills for positive interactions with other dogs and humans. Boarding also allows you to take care of things you need to do, or enjoy a vacation without worrying about taking your dog to places that might not be suitable for him. If you are going to be boarding your dog in the future, the following tips will help you ensure that the experience is a successful and stress-free endeavor for you and your pooch.

Boarding With Amenities

When you are choosing a boarding facility, you should choose a facility with high ratings. You should also try to find a facility that has cameras in the boarding kennels. This will cut down on your anxiety by letting you check in on your best friend when you have internet access. If possible, find a dog boarding facility that also offers supervised doggie daycare play sessions where your dog is allowed to play with other canines of his size. This will allow your dog to get out, have fun and learn to interact with other dogs.


Make sure your pup is up-to-date on her shots. Most kennels require a bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine for your dog before she will be allowed to board. Check with your chosen kennel to determine the requirements, then visit your vet to get the appropriate vaccines for your pooch before she goes to boarding. This will cut down on a lot of stress when the big day comes and she goes to boarding for the first time. 

Food and Treats

No matter what situation you and your dog are dealing with, it is important to try to keep stress levels down for your dog by making as few changes as possible. Make sure you take his favorite food that he eats every day. You should skip the treats, though. You don't want to leave anything in his kennel that he could chew on and accidentally choke on when unsupervised. Save the treats for a "Welcome Home" gift once your dog returns to your home after boarding.

Toys, Bedding, and Blankets

Don't forget to take your dog's favorite stuffed bed and blanket. Your dog will appreciate having his own things that smell and feel like home. This will make his kennel more comfortable. You should probably skip the toys unless it is a favorite stuffed animal. Having these pieces of home will help your dog relax and enjoy his boarding experience.

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