Three Things Pug Owners Need To Know About Skin Fold Infections

Your pug's wrinkles are part of their charm, but these adorable wrinkles can lead to health problems. Infections can develop within the folds of their wrinkles, leading to discomfort. Here are three things pug owners need to know about skin fold infections.

How do skin fold infections develop?

The folds of skin on your pug's forehead and above their nose provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. The folds are dark and moist, and food and other debris can get trapped within these rolls. If your pet's wrinkles and rolls aren't cleaned regularly, bacteria could grow and lead to an infection.

To keep your pug healthy, clean their wrinkles and rolls every day. Use a damp washcloth or piece of gauze to wipe out the wrinkles, and then dry the cleaned areas with a dry cloth. If your pug doesn't like having their wrinkles cleaned, try giving them a small treat afterwards as a reward.

You may be tempted to give them a bath every day to keep their wrinkles clean, but since their skin is so sensitive, frequent bathing can lead to skin irritation. Spot cleaning your pug with a washcloth lets you keep their wrinkles clean without hurting their skin and making them uncomfortable.

What are the signs of skin fold infections?

If your pug's skin folds are infected, you may notice a bad smell coming from the wrinkles. The affected skin may be red or irritated looking. You may also see your pet scratching their wrinkles or rubbing themselves against furniture. If you notice these signs, take your pug to a vet right away.

How are skin fold infections treated?

Your vet will examine your pug's wrinkles to determine the cause of the infection. If the infection is bacterial, an antibiotic cream or ointment can be applied to the wrinkles to clear up the problem. If the infection is fungal, an antifungal medication will be needed, instead. Your pug may also be prescribed a topical steroid cream to help control any inflammation and discomfort resulting from the infection.

If your pug has a lot of excess skin and has recurrent skin fold infections, your vet may recommend removing some of the excess skin from their problem areas. Since surgery is invasive, it's a last-resort therapy. It's best to try to prevent recurrences with a good wrinkle-cleaning program.

If you think your pug's skin folds and wrinkles are infected, take them to a vet right away for treatment.  

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