Moving By Car With Your Senior Cat? 3 Ways A Visit To The Vet Can Help

Moving with your senior cat can come with a lot of stress, for both you and your cat, mainly due to the setting of a new location and being trapped in the car for a number of hours. If this will be your cat's first move, you'll want to take a visit to the vet so that you can be reassured that your cat will safely arrive at your new home. If you're eager to start planning your move and want to be sure that your cat is safely taken to your new home, consider some of the following ways that a vet visit can be so helpful.

Get a Full Health Exam

The number one reason why a visit to the vet should be a priority is simply because they'll be able to get a thorough vet exam. Senior cats can be at a higher risk of health issues, making it vital that you take care of taking your cat to the vet for a clean bill of health before putting them in the dangerous situation of moving.

With a clean bill of health, you can feel much more confident moving forward and be reassured that your cat won't likely have any health issues you need to worry about due to the stress of the move or the arrival at the new home. 

Take Care of Any Necessary Medical Work

If you're eager to get moving due to a flexible moving date, you need to first make sure that your cat won't need any medical work first. Some things to consider include getting necessary vaccinations for your cat, helping you to feel confident that your cat will be protected when brought into the environment for your new home. Medical work your cat may need can also include small procedures, such as dental work or medication prescriptions, making a vet a visit a smart move.

Help with Calming Down Your Cat

Taking care of your cat during the move has a lot to do with making them feel at ease. By calming down your cat through the proper medications or supplements, you can all have a much easier move. If you're unsure of what method to use due to the age of your senior cat, a vet can help provide you with valuable information regarding calming down your cat for the move.

Visiting the veterinarian can come with a number of different benefits for your senior cat as you prepare for your move. 

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