A Beginners Guide To The Holistic Anti-Aging Process For Your Pets

Many holistic veterinarian practices embrace the ideas of detoxification as well as regeneration for pets. These practices are combined with natural supplements to help prolong the aging process for your pets. If you want your pets to be with you for years to come, you should discuss safe detoxification and regeneration process that could help your pets. Here are a few products that are used to combat the effects of aging in pets by holistic veterinarian practitioners.

Herbs & Medicines

Many herbs that are commonly used by people to prevent aging and restore youthfulness are also supposed to work on your pet. That includes herbs and medicines such as:

Velvet Antler

Velvet antler is a traditional Chinese medicine that can be used as a dietary supplement for your pets. It is made primarily of the antler velvet from both red deer and elk. It is usually also combined with ginseng. This dietary supplement is generally given to both dogs and cats. It is supposed to help dogs and cats rebuild worn down cartilage and it is also supposed to help reduce joint pain. 

Ho Shu Wu

This is another Chinese herb that is supposed to give one back their youthfulness. This herb is supposed to give both people and pet back their youthfulness. It is also supposed to cleanse your pet's blood and increase their energy levels.


This is another herb that is supposed to have the same effect on your pets as it has on you. Ginseng is supposed to improve your general well being. 

Each of the herbs listed above are supposed to be safe for your pet. Additional herbs that used in pets for their anti-aging properties include astragalus and royal jelly. 


In addition to the herbs and Chinese medications listed above, there are also specific treatments that holistic veterinarians recommend for your pets in order to promote anti-aging. These treatments are also generally recommended for use in people as well. 

Veterinary Acupuncture: Just like with people, needles are used in veterinary acupuncture. The needs tend to be made of solid metallic metals. Needles are inserted into your animal as specific strategic points in order to strengthen your pet and help them stimulate their natural immune system. 

Veterinary Chiropractic Care: This is a new field that is slowly gaining mainstream acceptance. It has adapted many of the chiropractic techniques used on people and applied these techniques to animals.

Homeopathy: This is the practice of using natural methods to help your animal fight aging and to help them heal from injuries and disease. 

A combination of the above treatments are generally used to promote anti-aging in pets. 

If you want to prolong your pets lives, you should seek out a consultation with holistic veterinary practice. They can provide you with additional information and details about the herbs and treatment methods outlined above, and can help you develop a specific plan to start the anti-aging process in your pet. For more information, check with a company like Clayton Veterinary Associates.

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