Kitty Slimdown—Four Ways to Help Your Cat Lose Weight

If your cat is overweight, this is a serious matter that can lead to health problems. Get your cat on track and do what you can to help it start to lose weight. Work with your veterinarian to set up a weight-loss plan, including goals to track progress along the way. In the meantime, here are four ways that you can help your cat start to lose weight.

1. Better Quality Food

You shouldn't just significantly cut your cat's food intake. If you can switch their diet to more high-protein foods, they can get the nutrients they need without eating as much. Simply cutting back on inexpensive, high-carb food can cause your cat to run into problems such as liver failure. Once your cat has a checkup at the vet's office, the vet can assess your cat's health and tell you how much your cat should be eating daily. Consider reaching out to an establishment like Denville Animal Hospital to get started.

2. Cut Out Treats

If you give your cat treats or scraps from the table, this might seem innocent but can actually be harming your cat. Cut out treats from your cat's diet so that they are only getting calories from their quality food. Make sure others in your family are on board with no kitty treats so that your cat isn't doing any sneaky begging.

3. Monitor Eating

If you have two cats, one might actually be eating more than the other during mealtimes from shared bowls. Feeding cats separately can help, or simply keep an eye on your cats during mealtime. Once the cats walk away from their bowls, put food the away so your overweight cat doesn't graze all day. Your cat will get the picture quickly that meals are offered for a finite amount of time, and it will be easier monitor their intake.

4. Ramp Up Playtime

It can be hard for indoor cats to get the exercise and play that they need, so you might need to get creative to motivate your cat to run and jump. Start small with laser chases and toys that you can make wiggle and fly. Your cat will have more fun if you get in on the action, so keep trying different toys and types of play until you find an activity that gets them running. Try to have them play for about 20 minutes a day.

Overweight cats can end up with a host of health problems. Issues such as diabetes and heart problems can land your cat in an animal emergency hospital if your pet's health isn't taken seriously. Make sure that your cat lives a long, healthy life by keeping its weight down.

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